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It’s not often we write about chocolate related events before they happen, but I’m really excited about this one and wanted to tell you about it. This year, Chocolate Week coincides with London Cocktail Week, so what could be better than to celebrate them both at the same time.

Jennifer Earle of Chocolate Ecstasy Tours is organising an evening of chocolate & cocktails on Thursday 14th October at the swanky Longitude Bar in Piccadilly’s Le Meridien Hotel.

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to be asked to “help out” tasting some cocktails and chocolates for the event, and based on what I tried, I think it’s going to be an amazing evening.

There will be introductions to the chocolates and the cocktails from Jennifer and the bar’s resident mixologist and you’ll learn how to properly taste the chocolate. Then you’ll get to sample some amazing cocktail and chocolate pairings, including chocolates from Demarquette, Paul A. Young, Lauden and Matcha Chocolat.

Some of these pairings will feature chocolates chosen for their complementary flavours, others will be cocktails that have been specially created to go with the chocolate. All of them are awesome.

You’ll get two full sized and five mini cocktails, with chocolates to pair with them. You’ll also get a little goody bag to take home with you. But best of all, you’ll get to spend a few hours in a relaxed atmosphere with lots of chocoholics. Is there a better way to spend Thursday evening?

We’ll be there, and we’d love to see a few of you too. Jennifer has been kind enough to set up a special offer to Chocablog readers – get £5 off the entry fee if you book online using the coupon code CHOCA1410.


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  1. Chocolate and cocktails…It doesn’t get any better than this combo! Both are heart healthy too! Check out my rich, decadent and skinny chocolate cupcakes!

  2. Wow, this is fantastic! Chocolate is possibly the only thing out there to match cocktails, and putting the two together in a tasting sounds heavenly.

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