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We’ve had another fun email, this time from Nada Wilson who writes:

“I love chocolate especially new and excited foreign varieties. I find it expensive buying these though from eBay, etc. I wish I had someone to trade with… I send them some British chocolate they send me some American (or other country).”

I think this is a wonderful idea, so I’m going to have a think about how we could best implement a chocolate-swapping feature on Chocablog.

In the mean time, if anyone out there wants to swap chocs with Nada (Nada’s in the UK… you should be somewhere else!), leave a comment below and tell us where you are. Be sure to put the correct email address in the comment form and I’ll pass on your contact details.

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  1. I’ve tried to get this kind of thing going for a long time without success. We are a group of chocoholics in Finland who love to get our hands on new (to us) chocolates. We’ve already reviewed a wide scale of Cadbury, but I know there is more than Cadbury out there. I would be interested in swapping chocolates.

  2. Amy Glascock

    Hey. I live in the US and would be interested in swapping chocolates. I am sick of the stuff we have here. Most of it is just too sweet for me! I would love to get my hands on some stuff from other parts of the world.

  3. Susanne

    Sounds great, I’d love to have a chocolate buddy somewhere in the world! I live in the UK but can get my hands on German chocolate easily enough (my country of origin). There have been so many reviews of amazing chocolate here and it always annoys me that I seem to be unable to get hold of these treats.

  4. I LOVE this idea! I live in the US, and I’d love to try the UK or Australian chocolates. Or any others, for that matter.

  5. Mariangela Scarbolo

    Hi there! First of all thanks to all Chocoablog-staff: receiving your e-mails every day is like a gift to me, and it cheers my (rather dull) working day.
    I like the idea very much too! I live in Italy (north-eastern corner)and here we have several kind of chocs, both industrial and artisanal (I am a chocoholic too, so believe me, if there is a new choc out there, I am gonna get it!). If the people who already replied to Nada’s post agree, we could swap chocolates among ourselves: that would be great! Receiving chocolate from all around the world and let the rest of the world know what chocs we have! WOW!
    Bye to You all from not-so-warm Italy (today here it snows)

  6. Matthias

    Hey there, i really would like to join the chocolate-swapping team! I am a german chocolate fanatic and would like to get to know chocolates from around the world. Sounds like the most amazing idea ever!

  7. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    We now have a “chocolate exchange” forum, so if you’re looking to swap chocolate, you can do so here:

  8. I live in New Orleans and when I was growing up you could buy candy by the pound at a department store called “Maison Blanche”. There was a green chocolate/fudge sold in small squares. I believe it was creme de menthe. They were called “Parisienne Mints”. They were green on the inside and outside. Does anyone know if there is a candy store anywhere who makes/sells this candy. Desperately seeking to buy some. Thanks!

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