Blue Peter make a Dalek Cake

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This week, the long-running children’s TV show Blue Peter made a Chocolate Dalek Cake, not unlike our own, and we thought you might like to see their version in full.

The Blue Peter cake is much smaller than the one we made back in August – and a little too refined if you ask me. If you’re going to be exterminated by chocolate, we reckon you should do it in style.

Of course, we’d love to claim that BP copied us, but they originally made a Dalek Cake over 40 years ago. But we like to think the timing of this re-make is down to the recent popularity of our own version… and nothing to do with the fact that the new series of Doctor Who starts tomorrow. Oh no.

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  1. Yah, I have to say that I like yours much better, this one is absolutely puny.

  2. sarah gooch

    you can buy a dalek chocolate cake in marks and spencer for about £8.50 its really nice if you dont have time to make one thanks

  3. I wish i could make a cake they cost about £50

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