Lindt Creation Chocolate Masterclass

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Update: Congratulations to competition winner Jen Price!

Last week I was invited along to a Lindt “masterclass” at The Dorchester hotel in London. Having loved Lindt’s previous event, a meal inspired by their Excellence range, I jumped at the chance, particularly as this event promised the opportunity to go hands on and make our own Lindt chocolate creations.

This was a PR event, designed to promote Lindt’s “Creation” range of filled bars which come in four new flavours – hazelnut, orange, caramel and vanilla almond. We were given the opportunity to come up with our own flavour combinations, from an assortment of ten different ingredients.

There were bowls filled with dry ingredients like orange, caramel pieces, almond, biscuit, nougat, cranberry and more. We could mix and match and use as many different flavours as we wanted, then choose a ganache base – either hazelnut or white chocolate.

Deciding which flavours to use was tough. Using dry ingredients and a ganache base means you’re much more limited than the actual Lindt Creation range, but it was still no easy task.

We had been given chocolate bar moulds, which had been pre-filled with milk chocolate, and I really wanted something to cut through the sweetness. The obvious choice was the cranberry pieces, so that’s where I started. But I couldn’t just have cranberry, so I added nougat and crunchy caramel pieces to give my bar a bit of texture.

The cranberry pieces were a bit big to be piped into the mould, so I put them in first while I mixed up the caramel & nougat with the ganache.

Then, with a little help from Stefan, the Lindt chocolatier, I poured the ganache into a piping bag and piped it on top. Everything was going great until the last couple of squares where I just added a little too much. Luckily, there was still room for a layer of chocolate on top to complete the bar, so I wasn’t too worried.

And that, unfortunately, was the end of our masterclass. We labelled up our creations, and the Lindt people took them away to set before adding the final layer of milk chocolate themselves. It was a little frustrating not to get the chance to actually work with the chocolate at this event, but still fun.

A couple of days later, a courier knocked on my door with a box containing my finished bar. I’m pretty happy with the way it came out. It’s quite sweet of course, but it looks great and it’s really rather tasty.

Overall, a fun event and a great way to promote the Lindt range. I would have loved for it to be a little more involved and to have had the chance to have worked with the chocolate more, so I’m really hoping there will be an opportunity to do that in the future.


Update: This competition is now closed.

In the mean time, if you want to try the new Lindt Creation range for yourself, here’s your chance. Leave a comment on this post telling us what flavour combination you would like to see in a Lindt Creation bar, and we’ll pick our favourite to receive one of each of the new bars and a rather cute Lindt USB stick!

Make sure you use an email address that works when leaving a comment so we can get in touch with the winner. Entries close at 8pm on Friday 13th July. One entry per person, UK residents only.

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Comments On This Post

  1. Li Young

    lemon and ginger

  2. Rachel Samuel

    Pistachio and vanilla <3


    Cherry and honeycomb

  4. Tracy Grant

    strawberries and honeycomb, xx

  5. Lime and coconut with white chocolate 🙂 yummy

  6. Michelle Bosomworth

    Strawberry’s and Cream

  7. Anna Tuckett

    Gooseberry & Elderflower

  8. Sophia Blake

    Pomegranite and caramel

  9. Mocha Latte – Dark chocolate, espresso and a creme filling (the consistency of the caramel)

  10. katie corr


  11. Emma Patterson

    Lavender and pink pepper

  12. helen wigglesworth

    deffo have to be vanilla and krispies, mmm drool

  13. Janet McKitterick

    Tropical Delight – Mango and Coconut

  14. Jean Bolsover

    Mint & biscuit. The crunchy texture of the biscuit and the refreshing taste of the mint, inside dark chocolate… Mmmm!

  15. I would like blackberry and apple pie in my Creation

    Dried apple pieces (for texture), blackberry compote, biscuit pieces (to replicate the pastry flavour/feel) and a hint of brown sugar and cinnamon in the ganache.

    Now that I woud like to eat…

  16. Laura

    Popping Tutti Frutti, mixed berries & citrus fruit crystals with popping candy all encased in milk chocolate; a sensational explosion of fruity chocolate heaven!

  17. Raspberry and vanilla 🙂

  18. Rainie Bish

    Banana, Butterscotch and Vanilla

  19. David W

    I would love to see an amaretti and blueberry bar! I made a cheesecake recently with that combination and it was fantastic. I imagine it would especially work well with the creaminess of the Lindt chocolate.

  20. Lucy B

    Peanut butter and raspberry!

    Salty and tangy to complement the smooth, sweet chocolate.

  21. Lynda Read

    Coconut & Pineapple with a hint of Malibu

  22. Sharon Johnson

    White chocolate, pistachio and raspberry be pure bliss!

  23. Brigitta Gurbács

    Crispy coconut pieces in white chocolate mousse…<3

  24. Dark chocolate with sea salt and caramel bits.

  25. Charlotte

    elderflower and lemon mousse (creamy, sweet and distinctly elderflower, with a citrussy bite)

  26. Peanut butter and banana – it was the flavour combo of Elvis’s favourite midnight snack sandwich!

  27. Kevin Symonds

    Lime, strawberry and ginger 🙂

  28. joann lebbon

    Raspberry coconut +white choclate Mmmmmmmmmmmm

  29. Lindsay Fulton

    Passionfruit jelly, on top of a layer of vanilla cream! Yum!

  30. angela meinke

    raspberry and pistachio….white chocolate and dark

  31. chiara

    Rose and dark chocolate- like a grown up turkish delight!

  32. Jan Davies

    Strawberry & Vanilla. A place round the corner from work makes strawberry & vanilla muffins and they’re to die for, would love Lindt choc in same taste

  33. Lexy

    Double Millionaires Shortcake!
    (If putting into a mould)
    A brush of caramel, then a layer of the thinnest shortcake, then caramel, then another of shortcake and caramel again, all surrounded by lovely lindt chocolate!

    That would be perfect anytime with a cup of tea :o)

  34. Cherryl Thomas

    Succulent cherries and macadamia nuts in rich, dark chocolate.

  35. nikki hilton

    organic coffee, organic cream, and organic chocolate!

  36. Louise May

    Little pieces of raisin and biscuit :o)

  37. For me, I’d like something a little different. The sweetness, like you mentioned, needs breaking up a bit, so I’d go for a Lemon Zest filling, with a Salted Caramel base (like a biscuit base, but crunchy caramel instead).

  38. Tracy

    Cinder toffee and ginger

  39. Sarah Campion

    A chance to design a Lindt bar – well, it has to be dark chocolate, and for an Easter treat I would go for raisins soaked in rum and chunks of marzipan

  40. Peter Campion

    A christmas special please – cranberries soaked in rum and pistachios all in a dark ganache and a dark shell

  41. Tatiana Bazell

    A Tiramisu twist: dark chocolate, espresso, rum and cacao nibs for texture.

  42. Fathima

    UK residents only? Ah well! Nonetheless my fav would be sesame and caramel…YUM!

  43. Alun Rundle

    I think I’d like to try something like Raspberry and Orange. I think the two fruit flavours might complement each other.

  44. That masterclass looks lots of fun and your chocolate looks very tasty. I would love to try lemon, meringue and shortbread pieces.

  45. Leana Horton

    My favourite bar has to be white chocolate and rasberry

  46. Julie Davies

    banana and caramel

  47. Sarah-Jayne Windridge-France

    I’d LOVE to see a deliciously rich mint truffle in dark chocolate! YUM 🙂 x

  48. Anna

    Banana and caramel, because I love it sweet. 🙂

  49. Anthony Cohn

    Roast hazelnut nibs and orange pieces

  50. Christine Hobbs

    I love salted caramel and pine nuts and would love Lindt to give that a try.

  51. Kimberley

    Mmmm rocky road with oozing caramel 🙂

  52. Dark chocolate with honey and blackcurrant

  53. Khazy

    I’m not from U.K. still i would love to get the chance and have a bite.
    strawberry bits with a shot of vanilla 🙂 would be nice.

  54. Ellen Gamble

    I think a dark chocolate and chopped espresso beans would be amazing!

  55. Ellen Gamble

    Espresso beans would taste wonderful enrobed in chocolate. Salted pretzel pieces and roasted almonds would also make a delicious white chocolate bar!

  56. Peter Taylor

    White Chocolate and Mango.

  57. Jacqui

    Raspberry & lemon mouse mmm

  58. Katherine L

    Dark chocolate and strawberries! Yum x

  59. roasted hazelnuts and salted caramel please!

  60. Beth Bowdler

    Milk chocolate, peanut butter and salted caramel

  61. cranberry & cinnamon in dark choc

  62. scott stevens

    I’d like salted caramel and honey flavour myself

  63. Julian Beech

    keep it simple, dark chocolate with lime

  64. Michelle Williams

    dark chocolate with honey and pistachio

  65. sandra siddall

    Chocolate & Raspberry

  66. Christine Searle

    Coffee and walnut, with dark chocolate please.

  67. Sammie Hodges

    Ooooh I am in a real Rhubarb mood atm so I would say Rhubarb and shortcake biscuit flavour!

  68. Lisa

    Strawberry and Marshmallow, yummy!

  69. Amy

    Marbled white and milk chocolate. 😀

  70. Janice Davison

    Tutti Fruity. Milk chocolate with all sorts of fruity bits inside.

  71. Louis

    Milk chocolate with popping candy, oooh :O nice!

  72. Jade

    Darkest chocolate morello cherry pieces and salt!

    Your blog is a dream come true to me! 🙂

  73. Crystal

    Lychee and Blueberry ~ Refreshing , zesty and unusual ! x

  74. Fred Shred

    Raspberry, white chocolate and vanilla

  75. Lise-Ann

    Salted Caramel and Rum crumble

  76. I’d like Black Cherries, Salted Caramel and Roasted Pecan Nut Slivers – a little sweet, a little salty and a little crunchy and a lot scrumptious!

  77. Stephen Wootten

    Lemon Ganache and nougat with a bit of pepper!

  78. Stephen Wootten

    Haha, can I change mine?

    Lemon Ganache and nougat but with Chilli instead of the pepper.

  79. Robert Hatfield

    Peaches and Cream swirled into a dark chocolate bar.

  80. Peter

    My favourite flavours are probably cranberry and cinnamon, that would be a lovely companion to a bar, maybe with some raisin, maybe some cardamom!

  81. Zoe Meeson Martin

    Rhubarb and Ginger.

  82. Véronique

    Pear & brandy

  83. Véronique

    Oooh, candied grapefruit & coconut.

  84. Kerrie O'Neill

    I’d like a Dark Chocolate bar, with Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Vanilla and Caramel!

  85. Tim

    Chili and cinamon

  86. Peta

    Raspberry and pieces of crispy meringue in creamy white chocolate.

  87. Lucy Zelazowski

    I love Lindt too, my favourite is the dark Orange, so moreish.
    I would like to have an actual rich dark pink chocolate, that taste of strawberries with a dark rich crunchy nibbly bits of chocolate inside.

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