Halloween Chocolate Roundup

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Because it’s Halloween season – and because we were too busy stuffing our faces with chocolate to remember to do anything ourselves, we thought we’d bring you a roundup of some of the best Halloween chocolate links from around the web.

Real Chocolate Skulls

Chocolate Skull

These rather horrific looking skulls are so realistic because they’re moulded from the real thing. At $120 the cost is quite scary as well… for that price, they should at least come with a genuine death certificate…

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Halloween Desserts

Disney’s Family Fun site has a creepy-but-nice selection of Halloween Dessert recipes. Some of them even have chocolate in, including this rather interesting sounding Halloween Chocolate Slime.

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Vosges Halloween Gifts

Vosges have a whole range of Halloween gifts, including some of the cutest skulls I’ve ever seen.

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crunchy tarantulas

Candy Addict has a tonne of weird and wonderful Halloween related candy reviews and recipes, including some rather disturbing Candy Tarantulas.

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Candy Dish Blog Halloween Candy

The official blog of the American National Confectioners Association shows that we’ve still got a long way to go in the UK to match the US for creepy Halloween goodies.

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Chocablog Halloween Page

Finally, don’t forget to visit our own Halloween Tag Page for a list of all the Halloween related articles and reviews we’ve posted on Chocablog over the last three years.

Got any chocolatey Halloween links of your own? Share them in the comments below! Happy Halloween!


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  1. I just picked up those Vosges skulls last week and reviewed them. Barcelona (smoked almonds & seas salt in dark milk) is quite good.

    I also had some interesting decadent skulls from Valerie Confections / Mori Ex Cacao – very expensive but quite sizable for a filled piece(s). The Scorched Caramel is very nice.

  2. Those chocolate are pretty scary, especially their price. They would make a pretty funny gift.

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