Chocophile: Veronica Belmont

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It’s Chocophile time once again. The time of the week where we stalk interesting people before extracting them from their daily lives and subjecting them to intensive questioning about their chocolate consumption.

This week, we’ve been stalking Veronica Belmont. Host Revision 3’s Tekzilla, PlayStation Network’s Qore and Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Club The Sword & Laser.



Veronica Belmont

Video Host / Journalist / Queen of the Geeks
Web Site:,

Interrogation Begins:

Milk, dark or white:
Typically milk, but I like to go dark when trying the more exotic flavor combinations!
Your guilty chocolate pleasure:
TCHO and Vosges chocolates, they have some of my favorite flavors!
Favourite childhood chocolate:
Cadbury Creme Eggs! I still get a bunch every Easter.
Average Chocolate Consumption:
I’ll probably eat a bar or two a month of the good stuff, but if I
pass a candy bowl I can’t help myself from stealing a few M&Ms!
Fruit or nut:
Crunchy or chewy:
Give or receive:
Receive! I like getting new a different kinds of chocolates to
taste test! But giving is also fun… just not as tasty.
Least favourite chocolate:
Super bitter or white chocolate!

After careful analysis of the results, we have concluded that this may be our geekiest chocophile yet. We were particularly interested in her knowledge of TCHO and Vosges.

Management are contemplating recruiting this subject for an underover mission to investigate further…


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  1. Yay I loved reading this blog interview thank you so much for sitting down and interviewing the amazing and pretty Veronica Belmont. An I can wait to RT this blog yay. 🙂

  2. I thought Veronica is a chocolate addict, now I found out that my chocolate consumption is 30x her consumption 😀
    I eat from 1 to 3 bar each day !!!

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