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Yes it’s Chocophile time again. That time of the week where we find interesting people and question them about their chocolate eating habits for no apparent reason!

This week, we have singer/songwriter Jonathan Coulton. He may like eating people’s brains, but does he cover them in chocolate first…?



Jonathan Coulton

Singer / Songwriter
Web Site:

Interrogation Begins:

Milk, dark or white:
Dark, but milk will do!
Your guilty chocolate pleasure:
You can’t beat a chocolate souffle (though you have to, in order to
make it)
Favourite childhood chocolate:
Whatchamacallit spent a lot of time in the spotlight
Fruit or nut:
Both – Chunky, for the win.
Crunchy or chewy:
Crunchy. Chewy is too time consuming.
I try to be good – only once in a while do I break down and buy an
Give or receive:
I won’t even dignify that with a response!
Least favourite chocolate:
I was excited to try the bacon chocolate bars, but I think they
don’t work as well in the mouth as they do on paper.

An interesting selection of answers! The subject exhibited a noticeable expression of guilt when avoiding the ‘give’ or ‘receive’ question, which we all know can only mean one thing…

We were also a little flummoxed by the ‘Whatchamacallit’ answer, but it turns out this is actually a real chocolate bar.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to run further tests on this particular subject. We must establish once and for all whether bacon flavoured chocolate is an effective weapon against zombies…


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  1. Gle3nn

    Whatchamacallit was my candy of choice for a long time. Now they have come out with Thingamajig. I’m looking forward to trying it.

  2. …I wonder if we can persuade him to sing a chocolate song?

  3. I saw Jonathan Coulton on your Twitter feed and had to check out the post – he is one of my favorite singers/songwriters ever. I’ve seen him perform live at Penny Arcade Expo twice now. He’s darn funny.

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