Chocophile: Eddy Temple-Morris

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It’s time for another in our Chocophile series – where we drag interesting people off the streets and interrogate them about their chocolate-eating habits.

This week we’ve collared XFM DJ Eddy Temple-Morris….


Eddy Temple-Morris

DJ, producer
Web Site:
Facebook / Myspace

Interrogation Begins:

Milk, dark or white:
When the chips are down, dark. Although sometimes only milk will do. If I’m honest, I think the best tasing chocolate is a very dark milk, or a very milky dark one.
Favourite childhood chocolate:
Remember Cadbury ‘Country Style’? In a distinctive red chequered wrapper, with barn-dancing-hoe-down ads. Nice and simple, milk chocolate, with crunchy biscuit pieces.
Fruit or nut:
There is a time for fruit and there is a time for nut, and in my view anytime is the time for Fruit & Nut.
Crunchy or chewy:
Crunchy. I’ve always loved the texture of a good crunch as a foil to milk chocolate. The best example, and possibly my favourite ‘normal’ chocolate is Crunchy Pieces. They always have them in the vending machines at Heathrow Airport station (The Express not the tube). I can never resist treating myself to a bag on my way home from Ibiza or barcelona or somewhere like that. I buy them with the intention of making them last, and giving some to my little boy later, but the awful truth is they’re usually all gone by the time the train pulls in at Paddington, 15 minutes later.
Your guilty chocolate secret:
I boycotted Nestlé decades ago, but once in a blue moon I have to guiltily have a Kit Kat Dark, usually at a random petrol station on my way home from a gig in a random city… when nobody is looking.
Average chocolate consumption:
I try to treat myself to a bit of chocolate every day. Obviously that spikes at Christmas and Persian New Year, when we all give each other chocolate to ensure the rest of the year is sweet.
Give or receive:
What a question to ask a chocoholic! I wish i could say ‘give’ but I’d be lying.
Least favourite chocolate:
Kinder chocolate, anything with coffee in it, and most American chocolate, with the exception of Reeses Peanute Butter Cups which are so wrong but so right. I remember your amazing scientific dissection of them on Chocablog.
Top Chocolate Tip:
Put 2-4 (depending on size) cubes of really dark chocolate into your coq-au-vin, or your beef stew, or chile con carne, right at the end – just as french chefs put in a knob of butter – to glaze it. It gives the dishes a gorgeous depth of flavour, without actually tasting of chocolate.

This interrogation was far more fruitful than that of our first subject. So successful in fact, that we couldn’t shut him up and he ended up answering questions we hadn’t even asked. We eventually had to sedate him and drag him back into the street.

Our analysis has concluded that this excessive verbosity probably means the subject is hiding something… or maybe it’s just because talking is what he does for a living.


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  1. Simon

    I was delighted to see that Mr. T-M also remembers Country Style.
    Maybe he was on a coca high when you collared him?

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