Chocophile: Dom Joly

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Dom Joly is not just the name I give myself on a happy day. Dom is an evil comic genius and mastermind of Trigger Happy TV.

For this week’s Chocophile, we tracked him down and rang him on his oversized mobile phone. Unfortunately he was ‘in the library’.

So we emailed him instead.

Dom Joly


Dom Joly

Comedian / Writer

Interrogation Begins:

Milk, dark or white:
Your guilty chocolate pleasure:
Oh, Cadbury Flake!
Favourite childhood chocolate:
Nestlé Crunch
Fruit or nut:
I love fruit AND nut!
Crunchy or chewy:
Average Chocolate Consumption:
About one bar a week
Give or receive:
Least favourite chocolate:
I don’t like white chocolate!

After the interrogation, the subject immediately jumped up and left, claiming he had to ‘take his dog for a walk’. Suspecting a lie we have placed agents with cameras along the route….

…and this is why you should never give your dog a Flake.


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