Chocophile: Davina McCall

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Yes it’s Chocophile time again! Today we’ve dusted off our oversized comfy chair and aimed our surveillance cameras squarely at Big Brother host Davina McCall.

Let’s see how she likes it….

Davina McCall


Davina McCall

TV Presenter

Interrogation Begins:

Milk, dark or white:
Favourite childhood chocolate:
Bounty bar
Fruit or nut:
Crunchy or chewy:
Your guilty chocolate pleasure:
Average chocolate consumption:
Three times a week
Give or receive:
Least favourite chocolate:
Anything posh!
Top Chocolate Tip:
Suck it…

We terminated this particular interrogation after that last answer before the subject could elaborate on exactly how we should suck it.

Following in-depth analysis of Ms. McCall’s answers (particularly her dislike of ‘anything posh’), we belive she may be a suitable candidate for our new and highly experimental CRT (Chocolate Realignment Therapy) treatment – which involves being fed delicious Paul A. Young truffles by… well, by me actually.


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