Chocolate & Love Tasting

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Chocolate & Love Tasting

Last week I was invited to a chocolate tasting at Adam Street private members club. The tasting was organised by online chocolate retailer Chocolate & Love.

C&L are a bit different from the average chocolate retailer in that their mission is to only stock the best from a wide variety of producers. The chocolate on offer at the tasting included products from Beschle, Pacari, Amedei, Duffys, Mast Brothers and – interestingly for me – Emma Jackman’s Conscious raw chocolate range.

They also have their own range of bars, and I’ll be reviewing a couple of those separately, along with some milk chocolate coated liquorice which I managed to snag.

The range of products wasn’t huge, but what was exciting was the enthusiasm that came across. Founder Richard O’Connor was not only keen to hear feedback on the existing products, but was also keen to know about other chocolates that we thought they should be stocking.

I was particularly excited by this, as they’re going after the high-end hard to find market, which we love writing about, but often have difficulty finding online retailers to link to in our reviews.

If you’re in the Edinburgh area, they also have a pop-up shop in George Street until mid-June which looks like it’s worth a visit (and if you do, feel free to report back here!) Expect to hear more about Chocolate & Love soon. In the mean time, here’s a few pics from the tasting.


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  1. I too have been fortunate enough to try the yummy Chocolate and Love. In my opinion the Crushed Diamond and Coffee Affair are to die for. The first due to the lovely Cocoa nibs and the latter due to missing coffee chocolate. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did. My review on them can be found here

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