Camille Bloch

Camille Bloch is a Swiss chocolate maker, formed in 1929 in Berne by former Tobler apprentice Camille Bloch. In 1934, the company started producing its own chocolate from the bean in a converted paper factory in Courtelary.

During the war, when cocoa became expensive and scarce, Camille Bloch, started adding cheaper, more readily available ingredients like hazelnuts to its products, coming up with praline products like Ragusa, which is still their most popular product.

Today, the company is still family owned and run by Camille's grandsons, Daniel and Stéphane Bloch.

Shown below are Chocablog posts featuring Camille Bloch products.

Camille Bloch Mousse Chocolat Noir

Dark chocolate with a mousse filling.

Camille Bloch Torino / Torino Noir

Note: For another opinion, you can find Ashleigh’s review of the milk chocolate Torino here. Apparently in the 1940s there was a new development in the world of confectionery machinery that allowed creamier, softer fillings to be inserted inside chocolate blocks. …

Camille Bloch Williams and Grappa

Courtesy of Rainer and Oliver at Premier Food and Beverages comes two liqueur blocks from third-generation Swiss-based chocolate company Camille Bloch. Established by Camille in 1929, the company is now being helmed by third-generation family members Daniel and Stephane …

Camille Bloch Torino

This is another from the stable of Camille Bloch and the European vacation. Just like the Camille Bloch Kirsch, this was bought at a small Swiss railway station, when we had a bit of time to kill. Unlike the Kirsch, this …

Camille Bloch Kirsch

Apart from the marriage of ginger and chocolate, one of the great pairings has to be chocolate and alcohol. Preferably the alcoholic thingy should have a bit of flavour. I don’t know that vodka quite cuts the mustard. Be all that …