Beschle Chocolatier is a Swiss chocolate company, founded in Basle in 1898. The company is now run by Dominic and Pascal Beschle, great grandsons of Ernst Beschle, the company's founder.

Listed below are posts on Chocablog featuring Beschle products.

La Pâtisserie De Rêves White Chocolate Collection

A beautifully presented collection of white chocolate.

Beschle Matcha

White chocolate with matcha tea.

Beschle Madagascar Fleur de Sel & Pistachio

An updated and refined pistachio & fleur de sel bar from Swizz chocolatier Beschel

Beschle Grand Cru Collection Noir

We’ve looked at a couple of solid chocolate bars from Beschle, so now it’s time for some truffles. Previously, Simon had loved his Fleur de Sel & Pistachio bar, while I wasn’t quite so enthusiastic about the milk chocolate Montélimar. As …

Beschle Grand Cru Montélimar

Time for another bar from Swiss chocolate maker Beschle. Previously, Simon enjoyed their dark chocolate with Fleur de Sel and pisatachio, but this time I have something that sounds more traditionally Swiss – a milk chocolate with small pieces of …

Beschle Grand Cru Trinitario au Fleur de Sel & Pistaches

What with Japan week and chocolate covered creepy crawlies, it’s been a while since I sat down with something truly sophisticated and exciting. Thanks to a recent rendezvous with Dom at the South Bank Chocolate Festival I find myself in …