Raffaella Baruzzo is an Italian chocolatier, based in London. Previously at Rococo Chocolates and Galler she is widely respected throughout the industry.

Listed below are posts featuring chocolate from Raffaella's own range.

Baruzzo Summer Collection

Take a look at the new summer collection from UK-based Italian chocolatier Raffaella Baruzzo.

Baruzzo Cape Gooseberries

They’re very grown up treats, particularly given that I paid almost ten pounds for this little bag, but believe me, I haven’t tasted anything like this before and I wanted to spread the word.

Baruzzo Selection

Unfortunately there was no menu card included in this selection, so I had to just dive in and see what presented itself, but I had a fairly good idea that I was in for a few treats. As you might expect …

Raffaella Baruzzo Sicilian Lemon Slices

One of the last stalls I visited at the South Bank Chocolate Festival was being run by Raffaella Baruzzo and it was home to a myriad of cellophane bags containing all manner of brightly coloured sweets and numerous chocolate confectionery. …