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Videri Chocolate Factory Bean To Bar Selection

Bean-to-bar chocolate from North Carolina

Baruzzo Summer Collection

Take a look at the new summer collection from UK-based Italian chocolatier Raffaella Baruzzo.

James Chocolates Firecracker Egg

A 70% cocoa dark chocolate egg, but it’s James Firecracker chocolate, and therefore home to chilli, pepper, spice, and of course popping candy.

East India Company Dark Chocolate With Red Peppercorn

The East India Company is probably not be a name you associate with chocolate. In fact, it’s probably not a name you associate with anything much in the modern world.

Hachez Cocoa D’Arriba Strawberry & Pepper

It’s been a little while since I reviewed anything truly unusual (unless you count the remarkably different Conscious range) and I was beginning to wonder whether I’d find anything ‘odd’ when I was given – amongst other things – this …

Hotel Chocolat – The Purist

Christmas, a time for giving. If you’re reading this, you’d probably agree that it’s a time for giving chocolate, and a great opportunity to splash out a bit. Well, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Santa knew what …
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