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Sébastien Bouillet Chokola Lips

Delicious praline & caramel lips from Lyon.

Wawel Blok Orzechowy

I’ve been to my supplier of Polish chocolate. (Does small dance for joy). And they have a whole lot of new goodies there. (Does even bigger dance). Of course, I don’t speak Polish and would not know what most of …

Nestlé Club Classic Fruit & Nut

Nestlé have been selling “Club” chocolate in the wide brown land of Oz for roughly forever. As my colleague and fellow enthusiast Kath has pointed out, the brand has had something of a revamp. Having tried the mixed berry, the …

Conscious Chocolate – The Hot Stuff

As I have ten Conscious Chocolate bars to get through (I know, poor old me) I thought it might be fair to group them for ease of reviewing and to save space on the site. This first pair are the …
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