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Bullion Chocolate, Sheffield

Chocolate factory tour & interview.

A Look Inside The Naive Chocolate Factory

Lithuania's only bean-to-bar makers

Watch Charles’ Chocolate Factory

Ok, so it may not be Willy Wonka, but I suspect that Charles Chocolate Factory is a considerably safer working environment – and thanks to their webcam, you can watch them make their chocolate live! [Via Chocolate Bytes] Information Filed …

TCHO On BoingBoing TV: Part 3

BoingBoing TV have posted the third and final part of their tour of the TCHO chocolate factory in San Fancisco. Not so much a tour this time, more of a taste test… As with part one and part two, it’s …

TCHO on BoingBoing TV: Part 2

Here’s the second installment of BoingBoing TV’s tour of the TCHO chocolate factory: You can watch the first part here, or download the high quality version from BoingBoing TV here. Information Filed under factory, tcho, us, video.

TCHO on BoingBoing TV

Xeni Jardin of BoingBoing TV got in touch to tell us about the latest episode of their wonderful show, featuring a tour of the TCHO chocolate factory in San Francisco. The video explains the first part of the chocolate making …

The Heaven Of Haigh’s

As a brave and bold Australian chocolate reviewer, the question I get asked most often is, “Why haven’t you written about Haigh’s chocolates yet?” My answer has always been, “Because they’re so good, so huge in the chocophile world that …
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