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Half Price Chocolate Unwrapped Tickets

Claim your half price tickets for Chocolate Unwrapped.

Chocolate Week 2011 Round-Up

A brief roundup of Chocolate Week 2011

Chocolate Unwrapped 2010

The highlight of Chocolate Week 2010.

Chocolate Unwrapped

Yesterday, the UK Chcoablog contingent all headed down to the Chocolate Unwrapped show at London’s swanky May Fair hotel. Many Chocolate Week participants were in attendance, and despite everything being in a single function room, I still managed to spend …

Chocolate Unwrapped @ Chocolate Week

I wanted to take a moment to let you all know about Chocolate Unwrapped, a consumer chocolate show which kicks off this year’s Chocolate Week. According to their web site: “The UK’s first dedicated chocolate show, Chocolate Unwrapped will have …
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