Nestlé Milo Nuggets

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Nestlé Milo Nuggets

Milo, it seems, is sold pretty much everywhere except Europe. In fact, it’s so common in some parts of the world that my Ghanaian friend insisted it was an African thing… until I showed him this bag (from Malaysia) and pointed him to the Wikipedia article which states it’s actually originally from Australia.

So where better place for me to pick up this bag of nuggets than my local Tesco. In North London.

Nestlé Milo Nuggets

Originally a chocolate malt drink, Nestlé introduced Milo Bars about 10 years ago, but this is the first time I’ve seen this ‘nugget’ form.

As you can see, they don’t look particularly special, but inside those chocolate droppings is a sweet, malty honeycomb centre. For UK readers who have never had Milo before, these little nuggets can be summed up in three words:

Maltesers on LSD.

Nestlé Milo Nuggets

They’re weird, deformed and utterly delicious.

The malted honeycomb centre is darker than Maltesers and has a bit of chocolate flavour to it, but so far as overall taste and texture goes, they’re very similar. Yet somehow I prefer these little nuggets. They seem that little bit more crunchy and chocolatey. And they melt away just that bit quicker.

But mostly I like the shape. They may look a little like they have been expelled by a small woodland creature, but I much prefer that to the shiny, uniform Maltesery spheres.

So the message is clear. If you’re a Maltesers fan, go and pick up a bag of these from the ‘weird food from foreign places aisle‘ at your local Tesco and give them a go.


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  1. Maggie

    These don’t look appealing to me at all – but what the heck, I’ll give them a go (if I find’em, that is!)

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    You have more sophisticated tastes than me, so I’m not convinced you’ll like them. (Which means more for ME!)

  3. Ana

    I used to have the drink when I was a kid (or just eat the powder by the spoon :D). Haven’t seen it here in Portugal for ages, though. I have to agree with Maggie, they don’t look very appetizing.

  4. It’s rather amusing to hear Milo being described as ‘weird food from a foreign place’ but that emotion is overtaken by JEALOUSY because we don’t have those little malformed nuggets available here in Australia.

    And Maggie, sometimes the ugliest stuff is the best 🙂

    Why not, Nestle?

  5. Hey Kath I don’t know where you go shopping but I’m sure I saw something like these recently. Either that or it was the Milo bars. Whatever. I saw them and thought I should buy some for doing a review (whatever they were… milo something-or-others). Looks like Dom beat me!

  6. Christine

    Looks like mini versions of the classic Milo Bar. I used to love those! I haven’t seen them in ages (although I haven’t been really looking either). Does anyone know if they’re still around?

  7. river

    Right! I’m emailing Milo and finding out why these are not available in my local Australian store. As soon as I find the address………..

  8. astO

    MY FAVOURITE!! I miss this a lot now that I’m in Australia. Every supermarket in Singapore has this! I could eat an entire HUGE bag now (it comes in 2 sizes if I remember correctly). haha.

  9. I always thought Milo was a breakfast cereal? Can anyone double check it?

  10. Michelle

    Milo have brought out a breakfast cereal but it was originally a malted choc powder for hot or cold milk.

  11. Aw, man! I’m really craving some Milo nuggets right now. They’re sold everywhere where I’m from (Singapore) but I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Milo, let alone Milo nuggets since I moved to London a couple of years ago.

    Do you still see it in your neighbourhood Tesco by any chance?

  12. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I can’t say I’ve been looking – but if your local Tesco has them, they’ll be in the “International” or “Weird Foreign Food” aisle rather than with the rest of the chocolate. 🙂

  13. Thanks, Dom! I’ve gone into many a Tesco but have yet to find these babies. Ah well, time to write to my folks back home and ask if they’d mind smuggling some in for me when they come up in a few weeks!

  14. colinrowe

    please can anybody tell me where ican buy any mio products.i live in uk ,but what the heck ,happy to pay shipping costs.we are talking acute nostalgia here.

  15. But they’re cereals right? I remember eating them before, too chalky for my liking…not a great cereal or chocolate snack either.

  16. Emily

    Had one Milo Nugget after a friend brought some back from Malasyia… she told me you can only get them in Switzerland, the Phillipines, Malasyia and Singapore…”/ Tasted sooo good, gonna look in my local Tesco, though probably not gonna have any luck, though fingers crossed! 🙁

  17. shalini

    amazing nuggets … jus love it .. had it 1st wen i had been malaysia .. n got dozens 2ma home town bt it got over soon 🙁 .. i hope its bien sold in india very soon .. especially mah bf liked it alot 😀 ..

  18. shalini

    this nuggets was gifted by my bf and i love him a lot …. thanks 2 him he is my god !!!

    • Had one Milo Nugget after a friend brought some back from Malasyia… she told me you can only get them in Switzerland, the Phillipines, Malasyia and Singapore…”/ Tasted sooo good, gonna look in my local Tesco, though probably not gonna have any luck, though fingers crossed! 🙁

  19. jasmine

    i used to drink it when i was a kid (or eat the powder with a spoon :D) yeah,even now i sometimes drink it!!!

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