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We’ve all heard by now about chili chocolate, chocolate soda, chocolate pasta, and the like. But chocolate tortilla chips? It sounds like someone just fell off the edge from creativity to oddity, but looking at the bag, there is no hint that they aren’t an average gourmet snack.

FoodShouldTasteGood may be a long name, yet this company does try for all-around tastefulness and quality. Besides these, they make sweet potato, multigrain, and olive chips, among others. The list here is gluten free, all natural, trans fat and cholesterol free, and not genetically modified. The ingredients are limited to stone ground corn, sunflower and/or safflower oil, semi-sweet chocolate powder, evaporated cane juice, corn bran, Dutch cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and sea salt.

There are a couple of recommendations for serving these, with the peanut butter and banana slices suggestion being the only one I didn’t get to. Before we look at those, however, here’s what I thought of them plain. Ripping open the bag reveals equal measures of strong chocolate and tortilla chip smells, leaving you still wondering how they’ll taste. Their coloration is a warm brown with the sturdy look/texture speaking of their natural/healthier quality. They tasted a little odd at first. It tastes like you’re eating chocolate, but ground corn is somewhere in there also, as is the unmistakeable crunch of a chip.

I didn’t linger on the plain chips, quickly scooping up some salsa, which I found a welcome addition. You taste the salsa and feel the crunch more, with the chocolate’s slight sweetness acting like the accent a mango or peach salsa might have. Only difference here is that it’s coming from the chip, not the salsa.

The vanilla ice cream combo I wasn’t so fond of. At first it was okay — ice cream on a chip instead of a cone, but then I felt I could taste the corn in the background and found it too odd. But let’s not leave out the feedback I got on this: “I think this is so yummy”… it would be fancy after a Mexican meal. So maybe the dessert option is “cooler” than just doing chips and salsa.

Lightly heating them (restaurants usually heat tortilla chips, after all) brings out the chocolate flavor more, perhaps taking away potential oddness. I also tried hot sauce (which I personally liked more than with salsa) and black beans — that one works seamlessly, the flavors just connect.

Day one of eating them I was convinced you just had to have the taste for chocolate tortilla chips. Day two finds me happily eating them right out of the bag, glad to discover something new and worth it. So I’ll close with another feedback quote: “What’s better than something salty, crunchy, and chocolatey?”


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  1. I would definitely like to try these with peanut butter. These really look very tasty indeed. How strange to open a bag of these and smell a chocolate smell…wow!!

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