Cadbury Hit By Contaminated Milk Scandal

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It seems that just about every time we post a news article on Chocablog, it has something to do with a Cadbury product recall.

This time, it’s not Cadbury’s fault, but the Chinese contaminated milk scandal has apparently affected products sold in Taiwan, Hong Kong and (somewhat bizarrely) Australia.

The Times and The Guardian are reporting that Cadbury have withdrawn 11 products after tests have raised concerns.

Of course, the really worrying thing here is that these large companies don’t really seem to know where the ingredients in their products have come from. That makes it almost impossible for consumers to decide what’s safe. And when it comes to a luxury product like chocolate, if people can’t tell where it has come from, they will simply stop buying.

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  1. Yeah, this is rather upsetting. The Cadbury products (in fact, all chocolate products) in North America are safe from Chinese milk, it seems, so over here we have nothing to worry about on the chocolate front.

    White Rabbit candies are a different story. They are definitely recalled.

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