Philadelphia Candies Milk & Dark Assortment

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I now come (finally) to my comments on the last box from Philadelphia Candies, which is an assortment of both milk and dark chocolates. Many of the milk ones are the same as from the box of creams, with dark versions and nut chocolates added to the compilation. Perhaps it’s that last addition in particular that makes me draw the comparison with See’s Candies. That isn’t exactly flattering coming from me as I have something rather against See’s, who pop up all over during holidays as “the perfect gift.” However, I know that some people do think See’s is near perfect, therefore I can say that Philadelphia’s assorted box should have a similar appeal.

When I brought out the box to share, it was well-received, though the general opinion stayed that they’re chocolates of the moment, not ones to sit and contemplate. To address the new chocolates that were in here, I have essentially the same comments as for the rest. The caramel used in a couple is the chewy variety, which creates a nice fudgy combination with the dark chocolate. There was one chocolate, though, that I cared nothing for: it was fruity, perhaps containing orange, but had strange texture and added flavors. The nougat chocolates were fine, with the dark version being like either s’mores or a Midnight Milkyway.

Among the nutty chocolates are an almost heart-shaped peanut chocolate, cashew chocolates, and Brazil nut chocolates. I can’t say any of them stood out particularly to me; they’re simple chocolates. The quick candy fix is what they suit best.


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