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Republica Del Cacao La Concepcion 85%

85% Organic dark chocolate from Ecuador.

Pacari Fig

Delicious Ecuadorian chocolate with pieces of fig.

Pacari Raw 70% With Salt & Nibs

A wonderful raw chocolate from Ecaudor.

Pacari Andean Blueberry

A dark chocolate with blueberries made with ethically sourced local ingredients from Ecuadorian bean-to-bar chocolate maker Pacari.

Kallari 75% & 85%

Here are the other two bars from Kallari, this time with green and blue leaves. I was expecting them to taste much like the 70%, but it turns out that each bar is distinctive while still maintaining a Kallari style. The …

Kallari 70%

There have been a lot of bland, uninteresting fair trade & organic chocolates going around, so Kallari (kahl-YA-di) chose the perfect time to send me the three bars in their range, which is anything but boring. Besides the USDA Organic mark, …