Damian Allsop

Damian Allsop is one of the UK's top chocolatiers. He is known for his use of water ganaches - chocolate fillings made with water rather than cream. Using water allows the full flavour of the chocolate to come through and makes Allsop's chocolates unique.

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Damian Allsop Dominican Republic 67%

More of Damian Allsop's trademark water ganaches.

Damian Allsop Christmas Pop-Up At The Corinthia

Damian Allsop's new Christmas pop-up at shop.

Damian Allsop Afternoon Tea At The Wyndham Grand

An exclusive chocolate afternoon tea created by Damian Allsop

Damian Allsop Clouds

Damien Allsop is another Michelin standard Head Pastry Chef turned chocolatier, and he has taken an unusualk approach to many of his products, including the CH20colates Dom reviewed (and didn’t much care for). It isn’t very often that someone comes up …

Damian Allsop CH20colates

I picked this box up at the London Chocolate Festival, and although I quickly lost track of how much I was spending, Damian Allsop’s web site tells me they’re £13.50 for this box of 12 chocolates. Or roughly £1.13 per …