Charbonnel Et Walker

One of London's oldest chocolatiers with a shop in London's fashionable Bond Street.

Known as the producer of some of The Queen's favourite chocolates, the company holds a Royal Warrant which it display in the shop.

These days, the company sells chocolate online through its website, as well as in supermarkets nationwide, with their champagne truffles being a best seller.

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Charbonnel Et Walker Valentines Chocolates

Valentines chocolates from Charbonnel et Walker

Charbonnel et Walker Delicious Art

Mr Ramsey Finchley London Mrs Minnie Walker 173 New Bond Street London 1st February 1878 My Dearest Mrs Walker I do hope this note finds you in good health. It has been some time since we last corresponded, but Mme. Charbonnel informed me of your recent dalliance with …

Charbonnel et Walker Vanilla Truffles

Strangely, the only things we’ve ever reviewed from Charbonnel et Walker are boxes of truffles. It’s what they’re most known for and they don’t seem to like to stray too far into the world of “new” and “exciting”. I recently found …

Charbonnel et Walker Milk Chocolate & Banoffee Truffles

One of the perks of this job is that occasionally the postman will show up with “breakfast” – a delivery of chocolate samples. Today was one of those days and the breakfast in question consisted of two boxes of eight …

Charbonnel et Walker Marc de Champagne Truffles

I found these in John Lewis and I have to confess that I was attracted by the packaging (and the name). According to the box, Charbonnel et Walker are “Established as Britain’s Master Chocolatiers since 1875″. But that’s just the …