Cadbury - 9/0

Cadbury is one of the oldest confectionery brands in the UK. Founded in 1824 by John Cadbury, the company started off selling tea and coffee, but soon moved into drinking chocolate.

In 1905, the company introduced Dairy Milk, which quickly became their best selling product. The company continued to expand its range through new products and acquisitions such as Trebor Bassett, Fry's, Maynards and Hall's. It 1969 merged with Schweppes to become Cadbury Schweppes plc.

In 2008, the two companies demerged, and in 2010, Cadbury was acquired by US food conglomerate Kraft for £11.8 billion. Since then, Kraft have anounced the closure of the company's Keynsham factory and sold off Cadbury's Polish Wedel brand.

You can buy Cadbury products online from in the US and Handy Candy and Cadbury Gifts Direct in the UK.

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