Zotter Pink Grapefruit

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On the face of it, a fairly normal combination from the man we’ve all come to admire for his daring and slightly eccentric approach to chocolate making. There again, I can recall only one other grapefruit chocolate bar, and it wasn’t a huge success.

The inner wrapper describes the bar as ‘Pink Grapefruit Basic 50′ and goes on to describe how the mixture of orange and grapefruit has ‘a lot of potential’. Apparently this is quite vitamin rich and includes dried raspberries and beetroot powder (presumably in the ‘aromatic ganache’) and lemon juice – no mention of orange juice in the ingrredients for some reason.

The whole thing is wrapped in Zotter’s 50% cocoa Dark Mountain milk chocolate and it’s a great way to start any tasting. The initial rich cacao flavours quickly give way to a light, sweet ganache which has mildly spicy undertones and an earthy note which I beleive may have been the bettroot at work. These are soon washed over by a creamy, fruity sweetness that in turn climaxes with the melting jelly releasing the final grapefruit zing. As the three elements break down the palate is continually treated to little bursts of dark chocolate, creamy, aromatic ganache and peaks of citrus. The finish is clean, with the fruit acidity acting as a little palate cleanser.

I suppose if there was going to be a successful blending of grapefruit and chocolate in a commercially produced chocolate bar, it was going to be someone like Josef Zotter who was going to do it. We’ve reviewed quite a few Zotter creations on Chocablog, and opinions are fairly unanimous regarding the quality of all of his products. Regular readers know that Zotter’s chocolate is fairly traded and organic, which is really just icing on the cake that is yet another jolly tasty Zotter Bar.


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  1. Molly

    Hmmm…..sounds interesting. Might have to seek this one out.

  2. Michael (Chocablog Staff)

    I kinda want this. I get the feeling that it wouldn’t take much to get me to become a Zotter fan if only for the weirdness of it all…

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