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Nero & Bianco are a High Wycombe based company, selling Fairtrade chocolate from Peru and The Dominican Republic. We were sent a dark, milk, and white bars to review, and although each has a long list of cocoa growing co-operatives on the back, it doesn’t specifically give an origin for each bar, so I suspect all the bars are similar blends.

The dark chocolate bar is 70% cocoa solids and a very healthy 99.74% Fairtrade certified, with only the soya lecithin emulsifier not being certified.

The chocolate has a sweet aroma and a very smooth texture that reminded me a little of the Friis Holm Johe bar I tried last year. It melts quickly and cleanly on the tongue, with a pleasant sweet flavour, and just a hint of bitterness at the end.

The milk chocolate is a very healthy 39% cocoa solids, but a slightly less impressive 67.67% Fairtrade certified ingredients. It has the same smooth texture as the dark, but this one melts even more readily in the mouth and has a very pleasant rich & creamy flavour. It’s the kind of milk chocolate bar I could happily nibble on through the day.

The white chocolate doesn’t have a cocoa butter percentage listed, but it’s 71.58% Fairtrade certified. It also contains ground vanilla which gives it a pleasantly flecked look, but does impart a slightly grainy texture. Pleasant enough, but not really my thing (I made a white chocolate mousse with most of my bar).

All in all, a pretty good showing from Nero & Bianco. Not what I’d call fine chocolate, but worth seeking out for your every day chocolate munching needs.

You can apparently buy Nero & Bianco exclusively from (who seem to share an address with Nero & Bianco), but their website is a little confusing and I’ve no idea how you actually buy anything.


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