Hotel Chocolat Milk Chocolate Mini Slab

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Hotel Chocolat Milk Chocolate Mini Slab

This slender little slab was part of the goodies Dom & I were given at the Chocolate Week / Mexican Tourist Board Event. The rear appears to be sealed with wax (which it isn’t, but it’s an interesting touch).

Hotel Chocolat Milk Chocolate Mini Slab

Now, whether the picture and information is there to tell us that this cocoa was made from the 2007 harvest, or whether it’s just there for decoration I couldn’t say, but the inside of the wrapper features a couple of models in a cheesy pose that I’m guessing is designed to hint at the sensual pleasures chocolate can bring. To me it just looks like another art director has made some more money decorating a product with an expensive and irrelevant photo. Ambiguous packaging design aside, I wanted to know how the light, crisp flavours I’d encountered in the 100% stick from the AOC Awards translated into ‘proper’ chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat Milk Chocolate Mini Slab

Cheesy photos aside, this 40% cocoa milk chocolate bar carries many of the flavours in the 100% cocoa stick we received at the AOC Awards. This chocolate has a great mouthfeel and packs great cocoa taste without being in the slightest bit cloying. It’s milky, creamy, light and far too easy to eat. Well rounded cocoa without a trace of sharpness underpinned by the creamy dairy tastes that define good milk chocolate. It’s as good as any milk chocolate I’ve ever eaten, and I wish there were more companies producing bars to this standard.

Shame about the inner photo though.


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