CocoaNymph Sea Nymph

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CocoaNymph Sea Nymph

After enjoying the eight little chocolates that Vancouver’s CocoaNymph sent, I was looking forward to trying one of their bars. In fact, I was actually looking forward to it even more than the chocolates which were gone far too quickly – a decent sized bar allows you to luxuriate in the flavour rather than be sad than it is all over. And so that brings me to their Sea Nymph bar, looking quite lovely in its pretty blue wrapper which describes it as “Dark chocolate with sea salt & English toffee” in both official languages of Canada.

CocoaNymph Sea Nymph

The chocolate doesn’t look quite as dark as I’d expected since it is a perfectly acceptable 64%, but fares better in the mouth where it straddles the line between bitter and silky. But the chocolate isn’t the star of the show here, that would be the stuff in the chocolate. Namely the salt and toffee.

CocoaNymph Sea Nymph

Using the slow dissolve method, the flavours don’t really mingle very well, but that isn’t actually a bad thing. Instead, they form an orderly queue which is dominated by the smooth dark chocolate, punctuated with visits from sea salt crystals or bits of toffee and that makes for an interesting bar of chocolate. The salt in particular provides a lovely balance to the chocolate and could easily stand here all by itself. Best of all, it all works really well, especially if you decides to go the munching route instead where things do blend together in a sweet, salty, chocolatey mixture.

My only complaint is that I would have liked the toffee pieces to be just a little bit bigger so they provided a bit more bite and chew to the chocolate rather than just being a source of sugar. Perhaps this has already been investigated and the current bar represents the optimal formula for the toffee to chocolate ratio but I still think larger pieces would make a good bar even better.


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