Cadbury Creme Egg

Cadbury Creme Egg

Despite the fact that an ex boyfriend ran off with another woman and bought her a Cadbury Crème Egg every day as a romantic gesture, Cadbury Creme Egg still remains a favourite of mine.

Maybe I just don’t get attached to guys, maybe it was the fact that she didn’t actually like Crème Eggs and gave them to her friend rather than tell him or maybe, it’s simply that Crème Eggs are just so darn good that not even a broken heart can spoil their chocolatey loveliness.

I started taking Crème Eggs seriously when I was 10 years old. I made a chart for my bedroom wall where I noted all relevant details of each Crème Egg I had. I would then glue the foil wrapper onto another chart by the side of it. I have no clue whatsoever what the relevant details were but I think my aim was to prove how many Eggs I could eat. I wasn’t in competition with anyone else so that automatically made me the Crème Egg Champion.

You think I was a daft kid? Well think again…. I would show this chart to all visiting Aunts and Uncles who were either a. so impressed by my handywork or b. Couldn’t quite work out what to say that they always gave me some money to buy another Crème Egg.

Actually I lie, I wasn’t ten when my Egg obsession started, I was actually about 5. The only way to eat the egg when I was five was to nibble down slowly until I revealed the Crème Egg as it should be: a perfect circle of chocolate, surrounding the creamy white fondant filling and in the middle had to be an un-smudged golden yellow yolk.

I would drive my Mum nuts with this fad as I insisted she showed much glee at each and every yolk-achievement I made.

So I was daft at the age of five? Think again… I recall doing the nibble-to-the-yolk routine one day whilst Mum was still chatting to the lady in the shop. As the egg slowly disappeared I noted with much childhood dismay that (shock, horror) the yolk was MISSING. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I produced the remnants of the yolkless egg to my Mum. The lady shop-keeper either a. felt sorry for me or b. wanted the crazy kid to leave her shop and so she gave me a free Crème Egg!

These days I am a bit more private about my Crème Egg escapades. This year I shall be mainly eating my Eggs in two halves.

Instructions :

1. cut the egg in half

2. place half of egg in mouth

3. stick your tongue into the middle of the egg

4. wait for the fondant to melt away

5. allow the chocolate shell to melt, before you…

6. repeat for the second half


Cadbury Mini Eggs

Two good things happen when the Christmas holidays end, one, the kids go back to school leaving their selection boxes unattended and two, Easter Eggs appear in the shops.

Mini Chocolate Eggs!

If you fall prey to chocolate related guilt then Cadbury Mini Eggs are ones for you. The bright packaging is void of any chocolatey pictures, therefore you are quite justified in claiming you believed the pack to contain simply eggs, and we all need protein, right? Need an extra guilt squasher? Blame it on the product placement designed to make shoppers impulse buy. Mini eggs are usually found near the checkouts in the supermarket or on the counter in smaller shops so it’s hardly your fault that you automatically purchased one or two packs is it?

The two packs I have in front of me (for research purposes obviously) are the 100g pack; a bit difficult to open without tearing, but I just rip it and empty them in a dish (you cannot risk these eggs falling to the floor) and the plastic tube with a flip lid. I imagine the flip lid is designed to keep any uneaten mini eggs fresh. Did the designers not even try the eggs before wasting their time creating something that simply would never get used? It takes a matter of minutes to consume these eggs therefore once that flip-top has been flipped it will never get a chance to be flopped back down.

Of course, the plastic tubes can be used for other things once emptied of their contents for eg; building blocks. They will keep your children/husband amused for hours as they build a life size Eiffel Tower with them. So go on, be a good friend/partner/parent and provide lots and lots of empty mini egg tubes 😉

The best thing about Mini Eggs? The crispy shell has a fine coating of powdery sugar which tempts the tastebuds just prior to the crunch. The shell is the perfect thickness to allow a sublime crunchiness which mixes so well with the solid, yet creamy chocolate.

The packaging says to store in a cool dry place but let’s face it, this information is totally irrelevant. I say, have a good cup of coffee with these eggs and feel that chocolate melt as you crunch the sugary shell.


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